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(naucon99 32) Re: [attention] The entry will be closed soon.

  Hi Griffin,

>    I was wondering... since I'm part of a big Miyazaki Discussion Mailing list in the United States, would it be OK if I told them about Naucon99?? Most of the members live in this country but a few live in Japan, I think that they might be interested, and might like to attend if it's not to late to sign up.

  Basically, I agree with you :) But this time, I'd like you not to
tell them about naucon99 on NAUSICAA-ML.

  One reason is that if it's announced on the ML, I think at least the
information on the naucon web shuold be ready BOTH in Japanese and in
English. But as for naucon99, its venue and date weren't fixed till
the end of August. So, I could not have enough time to prepare it.

  The another reason is a personal matter. On closing naucon98 last
year, we planned naucon99 would be held on July. But some situation
has occured. Mr. Chikazawa (aka Oh-higami), who was a member of
naucon97/98, passed away on 12th of January. He was a true and the
greatest fan of Nausicaa and supported us and our naucon mentally.
Faced with his dead, I decided to postpone naucon99 till autumn. And
I'd like to make naucon 99 a small event and have some time to think of
him and his works.

  Next year, I'd like to announce the naucon2000 in several ways, meet
more Miyazaki and Nausicaa fans, and enjoy more eating, more drinking,
more chatting, and watching Miyazaki's films more! :)